19th Bank Management Conference

Presentations 2021

Transforming Banking Customer Experience

“Efficient Banking in the 21st Century: Growing the Pie through Technology”

Prof. Nikolaos Kourogenis, Professor and Department Chair, Department of Banking and Financial Management, University of Piraeus
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“Funds Distribution: Digital Transformation”

George Xenofos,CEO,PCS
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“Seamless Payments at the Heart of Customer Experience”

Eugenio Tornaghi, Chairman & Managing Director, New SIA Greece, Marketing & Sales Director, SIA S.p.A.
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“Data-driven value creation in Banks: from Data to Insights to Action”

Nikos Tsantanis, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Intracom Telecom
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“A new era for Self Service Machines operations”

Georgia Botsika, Cluster General Manager Greece & Cyprus, Printec
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“Digital OnBoarding & Retention: post-pandemic challenges & solutions – the way forward!”

Andreas Syriopoulos, Business Development Manager, Intelli Solutions S.A.
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