18th Bank Management Conference

Presentations 2020

Banking at a Crossroads – Banks Responsive to Change

Opening Speech

Kiriakos Apostolidis, General Manager, Logicom Solutions
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“Bank’s legacy and new challenges ahead. The steps to recover and restore mutual trust with the customers”

Prof. Charoula Apalagaki, Secretary General,Hellenic Bank Association
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“Banking going Hybrid?”

Manos Kokolakis, TSE/ Delivery Manager, InTTrust SA
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“Platformification: Accelerating Innovation”

Arnaud Picut, Global Head of Risk Practice, Finastra
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“Digital Banking Strategy in a post-COVID world”

Dimitris Plessas, Assistant General Manager for Cards & Digital Business, National Bank
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“Re-conceptualized population personas: The value of segmentation in the changing environment”

Maro Chondropoulou, Product Unit Manager atMellon Technologies S.A.
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“ESG: The new Mainstream Strategy for Financial Institutions”

Nikos Avlonas, President Centre for Sustainability & Excellence, Visiting Professor AUEB
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“The Banking Imperative in the Low-Touch Economy”

Francis Mac Aonghus, EMEA Director Industry and Strategy Transformation, Oracle
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“Simplify your infrastructure for artificial intelligence (AI) and big data”

Andreas Tsangaris, VP & Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Performance Technologies A.E.
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“Accelerating Business Transformation through Analytics-Operationalization, Intelligent Decisioning, and true Automation”

Christos Michas, Financial Sector Sales Lead, SAS Institute S.A
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“The evolving cyber threat landscape of financial institutions”

Charis Florides, Business Consulting Services Manager,Logicom Solutions
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“Adapt or become irrelevant”

Neil Fillbrook, CEO, Bank Brokers UK.
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“Think cash differently! – How viacash revolutionizes the cash infrastructure of banks”

Antonios Peppas, Country Manager Greece, Viafintech
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