Thursday 23 November 2023 | Megaron Athens International Conference Centre

Banks at a Turning Point:
Extended Business Models & Partnerships

Banks are urged to respond to the imperatives of the new era by revising their existing business models towards a progressively “smarter” and more open financial ecosystem. This emerges from the decoding of the actual mid-term and long-term strategic plans of the Incumbents dictating a new operating model until 2030 and beyond. Banks need to quickly adopt a more sustainable and expanding approach geared towards their new role in the market. 


The Conference

The Conference will focus on how Banks are exploring their boundaries’ expansion by providing new hybrid experiences (like fintechs currently do), while additionally providing content and specialized information to Businesses from the different vertical markets.

In fact, banks’ physical and digital premises have to be evolving into points-of-sale for non-financial services and products of businesses included in every bank’s partner ecosystem. Further, banks will expand their portfolio by offering more & differentiated financial solutions to their customers and partners gaining competitive edge.

Such a disruptive initiative requires the use of new and cutting-edge technologies, as well as continuous enhancement of the digital transformation process.

Focus Areas

  • Banks’ new Hybrid experiences & extended services – towards an extrovert banking model   
  • Differentiated provision of a wide gamut of 3rd-party products, services (e.g. eCommerce).  
  • Embedded finance reaching out to new potential  (e.g. new-gen payments, prompt onboarding) 
  • Digital Transformation, Open Banking, Disruptive Approaches & Technologies 
  • Using state-of-the-art IT Architectures & Systems, and Actionable innovation  
  • Big data analytics and Data utilization as-a-Service to the ecosystem partners.  
  • Platformification and its potential to enrich interoperable capabilities with ecosystem members 
  • Abide by the current Regulations including ESG Imperatives impacting new products launch  

The Program

Session I

The challenges of extended Banking models

  • Steps to viable new ‘smart’ models – the Bank as a point-of-sale 
  • Inclusion of emerging market requirements  
  • Culture shift towards enhancing Customer-centricity via Breakthrough solutions  
  • New focus on better Customer engagement in an extended landscape 

Session II

The new era’s imperatives of BaaS and Open Finance

  • Opening up the traditional Banking system – a crucial turning point  
  • Adopting the new directives and ESG imperatives to reform portfolio 
  • Approaches of an evolutionary journey to a marketplace culture 
  • Making the bank a user-friendly one-stop shop

Session III

Disruptive Interventions and Actionable Innovation

  • Data and Actionable knowledge – the new powerful asset for Banks 
  • Using ESG prerequisites for new products and services’ launching 
  • Cutting-edge technologies automating a competitive bank-to-market operations’ lifecycle  
  • Cyber attacks, financial crime and Cybersecurity – Protecting consumer activities

Meet the

Organizing Committee

Meet the


Key Issues

  • Bank ecosystem ‘smart’ models – Synthesizing Innovation for Market expansion  
  • Culture shift, advanced Customer engagement, upgrading the banking experience  
  • Leaving Legacy behind, Platformification, Agility, Diversified servicing, Scalability 
  • Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS), Open Finance, Embedded Finance  
  • ESG Imperatives, Eliminating Compliance Risks, Sustainable development 
  • Personalized Services, Automated Processes, Real-time Straight-through-Processing (STP) 
  • Cutting-edge technologies, AI-driven Insight Analytics, Remote Working, Cybersecure banking 

Who should attend

Retail Banking Executives, Customer Experience Experts,  Digital Transformation Officers, CIOs and IT Executives, Risk Managers, Regulators & Compliance Officers, Operations Officers, Digital Product Officers, Payments Executives, Cards Business Executives, Digital Marketing Leaders, Product & Services C-level Officers, Senior and Middle Management Executives of the above roles



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  • Lead Generation – Setting up meetings with prospective clients
  • Shortening sales close lifecycle

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