Wednesday 23 November 2022 | Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens

Re-imagining the Value Chain for a truly Customer-Centric Bank

For 20 years in a row, Bank Management Conference stands at the forefront of Incumbents’ evolution exploring the transformation forces of the Banking Sector. 2022 Conference will explore the competitive burdens, reconsidering customer-centricity as Banking gradually becomes invisible via embedded finance with the adoption of platform-based approaches and use of APIs, aiming at quick wins and targeting viable mid-term priorities. This is signaling a special need on digital skills development to enable a sustainable “transformation journey” in a wider marketplace consisting of banks and enterprises using seamlessly common financial services achieving mutual and tangible benefits.


Focus Areas

  • Resilient Digital Banking – Synthesizing Innovation & Digital Skills Development
  • The imperative of embedded finance solutions’ adoption – Quick Wins for Banks and the Market
  • Improving customer trust and engagement across all channels – effective care of NPL issues
  • Escalating new deployments and delivering customer-centric services – Bank-as-a-Service coming to age
  • Increasing proactive recommendations via data analytics and AI
  • Upgrading IT systems, Cybersecurity, and Processes being leveraged by Modern Technologies

The Program

Session I

Crucial Points of Digital Banking Transformation Success

  • Align Leadership and Culture towards a Resilient Digital Future
  • Identifying partial deployments’ problems – securing digital Banking performance
  • Adopting common-sense approaches coupling existing and new tactics that work
  • The advantage of Banks’ becoming Data & Analytics Leader
  • Learning from Fintechs, BigTechs, Neobanks, and Challenger Banks

Session II

Hybrid Models to gain momentum improving Customer engagement

  • Phygital Approach advantages, Profiling Consumer Generations via Actionable Innovation
  • Flexible Processes and the potential of the new hybrid model of Banking & embedded finance
  • Operational Agility in practice – APIs, Open Banking, KYC, Omni-channel Digital onboarding
  • The boosting of Mobile-first approach addressing customers’ needs and digital sales
  • Embedding digital services, and new generation Banking products

Session III

Using Modern Technologies for tangible outcomes on Customer Loyalty & convertible Experience

  • Pragmatic planning to enhance existing IT Systems reducing back-end paperwork
  • Learning from competition, fostering partnerships, towards top quality banking services
  • High-tech monitoring of the customer lifecycle journey securing loyalty & personal banking
  • The secret of leading on Big Data Analysis, and use of AI for uncovering opportunities
  • The extended financial services’ ecosystem and the maturity of modern technologies

Organizing Committee

Meet the


Key Issues

  • Quick wins/Mid-term priorities via improving omni-channel Customer centricity
  • Resilient Digital Banking – Synthesizing Innovation & Digital Skills Development
  • The advantage of becoming Data & Analytics Leader using AI to mine opportunities
  • Learning from Fintechs, BigTechs, Neobanks, and Challenger Banks
  • Agility in practice – APIs, Open Banking, KYC, Omni-channel onboarding, Phygital Approaches
  • The boosting of Mobile-first & Phygital approaches – Hybrid comes into age
  • Effective and Viable resolutions of NPLs and NPEs issues
  • The extended financial services’ ecosystem and the maturity of modern technologies
  • Flexible Processes and the new paradigm of Embedded Finance
  • High-tech monitoring of the customer lifecycle journey securing loyalty & personalized banking
  • Upgrading IT systems and Processes – Leverage Modern Technologies & Cybersecurity edge

Who should attend

Retail Banking Executives, Customer Experience Experts,  Digital Transformation Officers, CIOs and IT Executives, Risk Managers, Regulators & Compliance Officers, Operations Officers, Digital Product Officers, Payments Executives, Digital Marketing Leaders, Product & Services C-level Officers, Senior and Middle Management Executives of the above roles



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  • Lead Generation – Setting up meetings with prospective clients
  • Shortening sales close lifecycle

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